Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Week in Sydney

Tonight we had two beautiful birds land on our balcony.  They were like some type of small parrots, very colorful.  I think they were looking for handouts.  They were not very afraid of us and we got some good pictures.  We also sent in most of Michaela's homeschool materials tonight via email.  Every month we have to send in examples all of the work that she did, plus quizzes and exams.  For the next few days we'll be finishing up math and then starting the March assignments.  We basically do math the entire month, a section each day, and one other subject intensively each week, with days off only for traveling.

Work has been fine the past two days.  I am getting a lot done because there are very few distractions.  I found a tram that goes straight to my school from the metro, but unless it is there waiting for me it is just as fast to walk.  We are going to try to take the train to the airport on Friday.

After work today I met Katka and Misa at "The Rocks" in Sydney across the water from the Opera House.  We ate dinner at Subway and walked around some of the cute little shops.  There was a huge cruise ship docked, it is fun to watch them go in and out of the bay under our window.  They really dwarf the other boats.  We can't wait to see one go under the Harbour Bridge.  We took the ferry home from Circular Quay, a pretty cool way to commute.

Wish us luck next week, we are headed for Queensland but the weather looks nasty - rain, rain and more rain.  Luckily it will also be very hot and humid.